Helping Each Other to Support Change – 6th February 2020

Posted: 09 Jul 2019
Category: General

Would you like to learn new interactive, fun methods of collaborating with others?

This workshop will explore the powerful ways of involving, engaging and unleashing everyone to contribute ideas and shape the future. We will identify tools and techniques that will help people connect, work together collaboratively, think differently, strategise, analyse, problem solve, plan and rapidly spread ideas.

During this lively interactive session you will find that they are deliberately simple, anyone can lead them, and they will spread virally in an organisation or group.

The immersion workshop will be led by Zoe Lord  of the NHS Horizons team. She is a practitioner with much experience within the NHS and has used all the skills we will be discussing in supporting better outcomes with patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

Session Objectives:

  • Learn how to liberate and unleash the energy of groups of people to shape the future in powerful ways
  • Structure your change and improvement efforts around simple rules that can be used by everyone
  • Stimulate creativity, inclusion, participation, clarity, purpose and fun
  • Ensure that every person has at least one new skill that they want to start using immediately.

Watch this space to get more information on this exciting workshop.