Local Workforce Action Board

The Purpose

The Local Workforce Action Board (LWAB) for  Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes was established to align and develop the workforce to meet the STP priorities and as part of its governance.

The LWAB  brings together healthcare organisations and key stakeholders across a broad range of workforce issues, current and future, not just those that are currently the responsibility of Health Education England (HEE), so that the people elements of the 5 year service strategy can be identified and delivered. LWAB will develop solutions and agree a workforce work programme to support the STP.  These will include areas such as strategic and operational HR issues as well as education and training.

Aims and Objectives

The LWAB has 2 areas for responsibility:

1.Supporting the STP across broad range of  workforce and HR related activity

2.Local delivery of HEE mandate and strategic priorities affecting the STP

The role of the LWAB is to:

  • Agree the workforce work programme to support the STP
  • Oversee implementation of the work programme
  • Engage with local and national stakeholders to co-ordinate inputs from both HEE and other STP member organisations

The BLMK LWAB is jointly chaired by Health Education England and Matthew Winn the Chief Executive Officer of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

The Governance Structure

There are 4 LWAB sub groups taking forward delivery:

  • Leadership and Organisational Development
  • Workforce Planning, Design and Development
  • HR Functions
  • Staff Engagement (Partnership Forum)

LWAB Organisations

There are 18 BLMK LWAB organisations:

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Luton Clinical Commissioning Group

Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group

Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group

Bedford Borough Council

Central Bedfordshire Council

Milton Keynes Council

Luton Borough Council

Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Luton & Dunstable NHS University Hospital

Bedford Hospital

Milton Keynes University Hospital

East London NHS Foundation Trust

Health Education England

Skills for Care

Bedfordshire Local Medical Committee


University of Bedfordshire