Directory of Personalised Care Courses and Information

What is Personalised Care?

Personalised Care is when you have a right to discuss and decide with your doctor, nurse or any healthcare and social care professional the best choice of treatment that will help you.  You have the choice and control over your health as you do in every other aspect of your life.

Did you know you can “self-refer”? This means you can contact a healthcare service to ask for treatment without having to go to your GP. You can ask someone to do this for you.

For example if you want to have physiotherapy to help your symptoms, you can ask for this help without being referred by your GP or you can ask someone to do this for you.

What is the Directory of Personalised Care?

This is a list that contains courses and information for all residents and healthcare and social care professionals of Bedfordshire Luton & Milton Keynes (BLMK).  The information is split by topics that are all part of personalised care some of which are applicable to a particular audience.  We have provided a definition of what each of these topics mean.  Each topic aims to let you know how it will benefit you as well as helping to improve the care that healthcare professionals provide.

The topics are:

  • Co-production
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Health Literacy
  • Learning Disabilities & Autism
  • Patient Activation Measure
  • Personal Health
  • Reablement
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Social Prescribing

You can search and save to a wish list any information you are interested in and then you can download the wish list.  You will have to register with the BLMK website so that your wish list is saved.

We have made sure that the courses and information provided are of a quality standard endorsed by NHS and social care experts, local charities and agencies such as Age UK (see our assurance page).

Who is the Directory of Personalised Care for?

This directory differs to the Care Courses & Information Directory as it includes information for young people as well as adults.  We have split the intended audience into three groups:

  • All adults and young people living in Bedfordshire, Luton or Milton Keynes; unpaid carers (family, friends); volunteers and personal assistants.
  • Front line registered and unregistered staff in all health (NHS, Community, Primary Care) and social care environments.  This includes health improvement personnel, nurses, practitioners, pharmacists and patient engagement organisations.
  • Local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, health and wellbeing boards responsible for strategic planning and commissioning as well as care providers.

If you wish an additional course or information to be added and have any problems or queries, please click here to email