• All information within the Directory of Personalised Care has been validated as of 24 August 2020.
  • The information gathered has been through consultation with NHS and social care experts, local charities and agencies.
  • The NHS and social care experts have endorsed and recommended that the information in the Directory,  will support staff groups and local people (all ages) with their understanding and application of personalised care.
  • The Directory has been tested by people, so that it is easy to access and the information given for each item will help with their decision on what course or information they wish to use.
  • The Directory includes guidance on who the audience each item is for and what the topics under personalised care are related to.
  • It is important to note that NHS and social care staff who use this Directory to book on courses, are responsible for collecting their own portfolio of course achievements.
  • This Directory will be reviewed quarterly to ensure that its information remains up to date.


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