Forthcoming and Recent BLMK Masterclasses

Quality Improvement across BLMK – Share, Learn and Reflect – 27th November 2019

The leadership group of BLMK integrated care system (ICS) decided to create an opportunity for QI learning across organisations. We want to help people share good practice, create new connections and have the space to think about what should happen next.

Working to a shared goal of improving health and wellbeing in BLMK we will explore how QI can help people make healthier choices in the future, ensure service users can access high quality care when they need it, and benefit from services that are fit for the future.

We will range from front-line staff delivering health and care, to service leads, managers, leaders and specialist practitioners, such as in QI and Organisational Development. The event is aimed at staff and all are welcome.

By attending this event you will:

  • Learn more about QI methods and experiences of their use in different settings
  • Explore different perspectives and hear examples from colleagues in BLMK
  • Have time and space to think about how QI could help in your role, your organisation, and in working in a more integrated way between organisations and populations.

Click HERE for the event brief of this event.

Helping Each Other To Support Change – 6 February 2020

Would you like to learn new interactive, fun methods of collaborating with others?

This workshop explores the powerful ways of involving, engaging and unleashing everyone to contribute ideas and shape the future. We will identify tools and techniques that will help people connect, work together collaboratively, think differently, strategise, analyse, problem solve, plan and rapidly spread ideas.

During this lively interactive session you will find that they are deliberately simple, anyone can lead them, and they will spread virally in an organisation or group.

The immersion workshop will be led by Zoe Lord of the NHS Horizons team. She is a practitioner with much experience within the NHS and has used all the skills we will be discussing in supporting better outcomes with patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

Session Objectives:

  • Learn how to liberate and unleash the energy of groups of people to shape the future in powerful ways
  • Structure your change and improvement efforts around simple rules that can be used by everyone
  • Stimulate creativity, inclusion, participation, clarity, purpose and fun
  • Ensure that every person has at least one new skill that they want to start using immediately.

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Leadership for a Different Future Masterclass – 29th October 2019

In this masterclass, we will explore some of the latest ideas and approaches from leading practitioners of transformational change and leadership development from across the globe. We will reflect on the practical implications and relevance for our Integrated Care System. We will consider our own journeys as leaders from past, present to future and think about the opportunities for our leadership roles in a world where the balance between “old power” (positional power and authority) and “new power” (networks and social movements) is shifting.

Session Objectives:

  • Create a safe space to reflect on our own leadership roles: our journey to now, and future aspirations and possibilities
  • Understand the skills likely to be needed by leaders in the future and prepare to seize the opportunities that the environment for change offers
  • Get some new, helpful insights and perspectives on leading large-scale change in complex systems that enable us to see our own systems in different lights
  • Be equipped with new and additional models, approaches and connections that help us prepare for a different leadership future.About our speaker:
    Helen Bevan is a leader of change within the NHS. She manages big programmes of change that mobilise, build energy and commitment to change on a large scale. Helen has an ability to connect with thousands of frontline staff and patient leaders. She is a leading global healthcare influencer.

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Leading Change in Complex Systems  – Paul Plsek  6 November 2018

Masterclass to hear Paul Plsek, the internationally acclaimed expert in transformational leadership, share his expertise on:

        • Understanding complex adaptive systems
          • The futility of detailed plans
          • How complex outcomes can emerge from simple rules and interaction
          • The role of tension and “destruction” in transformation and renewal
        • How transformational change really happens: Principles and models
        • An introduction to practical tools for leaders of change in complex systems
          • Creating a meaningful vision of desired change
          • Capturing a “good enough plan” in a driver diagram
          • Pattern mapping across a system to enable sustainable partnership working

See the Leading Change in Complex Systems 6 Nov. Flyer and agenda  for more details.

Slides from the event are available on the right.

New Models of Care Masterclass 4 October 2018

A masterclass for clinical and managerial staff working across our 15  health and social care partners to jointly explore what we can learn from emerging new models of care and how we can apply this to our local integrated system development. Hear about local approaches for supporting our Primary Care Home Model and how working with national partners within NHS England and the National Association of Primary Care helps us to deliver  sustainable change. Applicable to all staff commissioning or providing health and social care who are influencing and leading service and system transformation. New Models of Care Event October 2018 Agenda Final

        • Sessions with NHS England’s Systems Transformation Group and the National Association of Primary Care
        • Facilitated breakouts covering the challenges and opportunities arising from development and implementation of New Models of Care.

Foundations of Quality Improvement Workshop 11 September

Working in partnership Eastern AHSN and the East of England Leadership Academy, Health Education England are delivering a free one day ‘Foundations of Quality Improvement Workshop’ for staff working within the BLMK ICS at The Rufus Center, Flitwick, Bedfordshire.

Foundations of Quality Improvement Workshop Flyer Sept 2018

This workshop is open to all BLMK ICS health and social care clinical and managerial staff who are mid-level leaders and ideally 2 or 3 from the same team who are working together on a quality improvement initiative to apply their learning. The workshop will explain the science behind QI theory and will help you to develop your practical skills. Topics covered on the day include: Course content:

• The current health care context
• Improvement methodologies
• The Model for Improvement
• How to run PDSA testing cycles
• Tools, techniques and driver diagrams
• Measurement for improvement

BLMK Foundations of Quality Improvement – March 2018

The Eastern Academic Health Science Network provided a session for BLMK health and social care clinical and managerial staff to learn practical skills for improving quality. The course included: How to apply improvement science, Improvement methods and how to apply them, and How to use the LIFE QI Platform to start and manage projects. See separate flyer to the right.

Participants feedback was positive and all said their work will be influenced by the session.  Asked what was the most useful aspects attendees commented:

“Group work, differing views and ideas, driver diagrams and process mapping”  

“practical sessions, developing aims etc. planning process”  

“the methodology and approach to QI and better planning process”

Improvement Fundamentals introduction to Quality Improvement

NHS England have devised a new programme of online courses for those involved in health and social care and looking for free online Quality Improvement training.

Are you:

        • Working in, or with, health or social care?
        • Enthusiastic about make things work better in your local service?
        • Keen to put your improvement ideas into practice, but not sure how?
        • Eager to hear from colleagues across the country with the same concerns?
        • Looking for free, bite-sized Quality Improvement training that you can access at your desk or on the go?

New Improvement Fundamentals is a programme of online, self-directed mini-courses in quality improvement (QI) for those involved in health or social care services.This brand new programme of short, bite-sized mini-courses, takes you through the preparation and delivery of an improvement within your workplace step-by-step.

It is focused on equipping you with practical knowledge, skills and support, helping you undertake your own improvement project as you progress through the mini-courses.

Improvement Fundamentals Starts 16 July

The first mini-course, Introduction to Quality Improvement Theory  starts soon. Introducing you to the basics of Quality Improvement and walking you through selecting and starting your own project.

Compassionate Collaborative Leadership – March 2018

Professor Michael West, head of Thought Leadership at the Kings Funds, presented at an event for BLMK leaders. The session offered up research evidence and practical guidance necessary to help leaders ensure that compassion, high quality care and innovation are at the heart of our health care cultures. Michael West described the link between good staff experience and patient outcomes as well as other key cultural elements associated with good performance in health care: vision and values; goals and performance; support and compassion; learning and innovation; and team work and collaboration within and across organisational boundaries. Slides from the event are available on the right.

The following video Leadership in today’s NHS by Michael West, describes his views on healthcare leadership in the NHS and the measures that need to be in place to have effective health care teams.