RISE: Supporting Primary Care Heroes




Supporting PRIMARY CARE Heroes

What is RISE?

The pandemic has left many burnt out, overworked, overstretched, and tired and we find ourselves battling daily. Dealing with workload pressure, staff and organizational changes are taking a toll on many.

RISE is an offer from BLMK training hub to support all NHS primary care staff with current and ongoing difficulties on an individual and organizational level. The training hub, backed by NHS England, is committed provide tools, support, courses, and education for the workforce.

What RISE stands for:

Your relationships in the workplace, at home, and with self.


Being present and focused, free from anxiety, stress, and overwhelming thoughts.


Finding new skills, purpose, coaching, and balancing all aspects of life.


“In giving we receive” giving back to the community and those in need is proven to help us feel better.


How can you access what Is on offer and what is coming up?

Join the RISE Whatsapp group: https://bit.ly/RISEBYBLMK

We have created a WhatsApp group to stay connected and get updates on the latest events that you will be able to access.

Join RISE updates mailing list: ccs.blmk.traininghub@nhs.net

Upcoming Events:

  • BLMK Walking Club

Come along and join the BLMK Walking Group meet-up! The walks offer a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and other members of the primary care family whilst getting some exercise!

There are currently two dates & locations available:

Date: 13th August 2022

Time: 11:00-12:30 pm

Location: Willen Lake in Milton Keynes MK15 0DS: bring along some picnic items to snack on after the walk if you would like! 

Date: 17th Sept 2022

Time: 11:00-12:30 pm 

Location: Stockwood Park in Luton LU1 4LX 

Book here: https://bit.ly/BLMKwalkingclub 

Both walks are fantastic and accessible for all abilities.

Feel free to bring family, friends, and pets along!

  • Wellbeing and Mindfulness Sessions: Admin & Non-Clinical Staff

The session will cover:

  • Temperature check – how are you feeling
  • The Drama Triangle
  • Meditation with Rajiv
  • Update on the latest RISE Wellbeing offers, Shiny Mind App, and next session

The session will be run by Janet Thornley and Rajiv Nandha and will provide a protected space where you can share and learn with your colleagues or just relax and take a step back to reflect.

Date: 23rd August 2022

From: 19:00-20:00pm 

Book here: https://bit.ly/wellbeingadminsession 

  • Meditation for Beginners 

Start your meditation journey with enriched practical sessions, knowledge, and association with like-minded people!

RISE by BLMK Training Hub has commissioned a series of meditation sessions, especially for our staff to help give a sense of calm and balance after a busy working day.

Starting from: 5th October 2022 for 4 weeks

Time: 19:45-20:00 pm

Book here: https://bit.ly/meditationsessionBLMK 

Sign up today!

Note: You just need to sign up once and the session series will be sent through to you.

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Our workplace matters. With increasing challenges contributing to poor work wellbeing, we use exercises to identify areas for improvement and innovation then give tools to help the team go from tired to inspired.

Delivered by a vibrant duo of energized GPs with a range of specialist expertise in wellbeing, advocating, coaching, and facilitative support for healthcare staff.

Topics covered:

  • Prioritizing staff health
  • Recognizing and managing difficulties
  • Addressing team communication and culture
  • Digital wellbeing and time management

To book an expression of interest for your team or PCN please email: lydia.jacks1@nhs.net