Primary Care Workforce Education and Training Programme

BLMK Primary Care Training Hub are pleased to announce that  we have commissioned a range of clinical and non-clinical training sessions for the Primary Care Workforce to support their development as independent practitioners and to learn more about key system and population health priorities. The programme is part of the New to Practice Programme for GPs and GPNs but where there are places available we will open these up to the wider workforce. Please see below for opportunities for October-December 2021. Please ensure that you are signing up to sessions relevant to your role and experience. To read the session synopsis, please click on the sign-up link.

You must be in a salaried or substantive role within a Practice in Bedfordshire, Luton or Milton Keynes to be eligible for a place.

Topic Who is it for Date Time Provider Sign-up
Workload management for GPs GP 20/10/2021 1.30-2.30pm Prim-med
Introduction to Nutrition and Obesity All roles 28/10/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med
Remote working and consultation skills All roles 03/11/2021 12.30-2.00pm BB Seminars
Introduction to Dizziness and Syncope GP 04/11/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med
Introduction to Palliative Care GP 11/11/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med
Introduction to diabetes All roles 12/11/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med
Introduction to communication All roles 18/11/2021 10.00-1.00pm BB Seminars
Practical Event including fundoscopy, neurological, MSK GP 19/11/2021 11-2.30pm Prim-med
Introduction to Population Health Management All roles 23/11/2021 3-4pm NAPC
Introduction to Menopause and HRT GP 25/11/2021 10.00-11.30am BB Seminars
An approach to the patient presenting with a headache Nurses 26/11/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med
Introduction to Quality Improvement All roles 30/11/2021 3-4pm NAPC
Introduction to Opthalmology GP 02/12/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med
An approach to the patient presenting with abdominal pain Nurses 03/12/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med
Introduction to Digital in Primary Care Part One All roles 07/12/2021 3-4pm NAPC
Introduction to Mens Health GP 08/12/2021 1.00 -2.30pm BB Seminars
Understanding your role in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion All roles 09/12/2021 1.30-2.30pm Prim-med
Introduction to Digital in Primary Care Part Two All roles 14/12/2021 3-4pm NAPC
Introduction to managing stress and preventing burnout Nurses 15/12/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med 
Introduction to managing stress and preventing burnout GP 16/12/2021 1.30-3pm Prim-med