Health and social care working together

You can enter the NHS whatever your background, previous work experience and qualifications. And once you are in the NHS, we’ll work with you to develop your career, and fulfil your potential. There are lots of ways to get into an NHS role, whether it’s joining direct from school, as an apprentice or after higher education. Or you can make the move from another sector.

Many members of staff now work in roles that cover both health and social care, and the values and qualities needed are very similar.

The Government has set out the need for the health and social care sectors to develop new integrated care models to promote health and wellbeing and provide care. In the future, this could mean your career crossing both sectors in new and exciting roles.

Several methods are in place across the country to develop and promote these new ways of working, such as:

  • providing key skills training for health staff so they can assess mental health wellbeing
  • training for physiotherapists so they can undertake dementia assessments
  • enhancing the competencies of care home staff so they can support clinical and non-clinical professionals
  • ways of encouraging closer working and learning between primary and community-based nursing teams