Professor Don Berwick says NHS could be the world’s best

Posted: 24 May 2018
Category: General

Leading healthcare professor Don Berwick says NHS could be world number one if it integrates care

One of the world’s leading healthcare experts says the NHS will be the best system in the world if it succeeds in integrating care, getting people and organisations to work together.

Professor Don Berwick, a former adviser to Barack Obama, says the NHS is teeming with people who have built modern services fit for the 21st century and it would be smart to learn from them while creating the future NHS.

He said the fragmented nature of the NHS could be solved if all local health and care organisations, including local government with social care, worked in partnership and pooled resources, a movement which is underway.

Prof Berwick said: “I think the NHS probably has a better chance to truly integrate care than almost any other health care system in the world.

“We’re not our diseases, we’re not a broken arm or diabetes we’re whole people who are making journeys through our lives and the care system has to honour and respect that.”

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