BLMK Adult Social Care Workforce Learning Charter

Bedfordshire Luton & Milton Keynes (BLMK) Integrated Health & Care Partnership

Adult Social Care Workforce Learning Charter

Our workforce, volunteers and unpaid carers are our most valuable asset. Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and well-trained individuals are the cornerstone of health and wellbeing for our local population. We are committed to ensuring that those who care for people feel supported and valued.

The BLMK Adult Social Care Workforce Development Group (represented by Councils, the BLMK Integrated Care Board (ICB), Bedfordshire Care Group Ltd and Care Providers) focus is individually procuring and offering consistent and quality standards of training and education to front line operational managers and their staff employed by care and residential homes and domiciliary care agencies and volunteers.

The BLMK Directory of Care Courses & Information signposts priority learning and information procured and validated.  This means that the BLMK the Health &  Care workforce and volunteers have in one place, the ability to source those priority topics relevant to providers’ care provision.

The aspirations are that through accessing these priority courses and information the ASC workforce and volunteers will enhance their continuous quality care provision for people within their preferred choice of residence (at home or residential) and treatment environments (GPs). In addition, that the ASC workforce and volunteers will not only receive consistent, but quality learning also that can be evidenced on their learning matrix/record or passport that will be accepted by all care providers. This will demonstrate the value placed on their workforce’s skills, competence and learning and prevent duplication of learning.

This charter aims to bring these aspirations to life and evidence commitment by all parties in signing this Charter:

BLMK ICB Workforce Development Academy will continue to audit the Directory through collaboration with the BLMK Councils & the CCG and other relevant local agencies to ensure that the Directory(s) remains relevant.

The BLMK Councils & the BLMK ICB by:

  • seeking to ensure that the ASC courses procured will be to the quality and standards required
  • continuing to offer funding, when available, on changed or new care pathways that are signposted within the Directory

BLMK Adult Social Care Providers by:

  • agreeing to source learning opportunities for their new and current staff that is signposted in the Directory.
  • if not already in place, evidence their staff’s learning and competence via their learning record/matrix. The learning will include the care certificate (as required by CQC), as well as those relevant to the care service provision, e.g., dementia.
  • if not already in place, offer appropriate training for their senior staff so they can gain the skills and competence to assess the competency of their direct reports, and is evidenced in their personal learning records/matrix.
  • encouraging staff to be accountable for their own personal development and that their education and training is completed, refreshed where needed. The evidence can then avoid any duplication of learning should the individual move to another care provider.
  • requesting from nursing and homecare recruitment agencies, their client’s evidence of learning to safeguard that they are supplying staff that are appropriately trained.

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Organisations who have signed the Learning Charter:

Patience Rehab & Care Ltd

Flourish Advanced Care Limited

Azelea Care Solutions Ltd

Blakelands lodge

Relyon Health Solutions ltd

Milton Ernest Hall

MHA Westbury Grange

One Housing (Baycroft)

Excel Care Holdings

Elite Respite and Day Services Ltd