BLMK Adult Social Care Learning Charter

The BLMK Learning Charter between the Home Based Care Staff Partners Group & Adult Social Care Providers

Our workforce, volunteers and unpaid carers are our most valuable asset.  Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and well trained individuals are the cornerstone of health and wellbeing for our local population.  We are committed to ensuring that those who care for people feel supported and valued.  This Charter is aligned to the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 18 and H&SC Act 2008, inserted 2014 Section 20 subsection 4A (see source below).

The Home Based Care Staff Partnership Group (made up of Councils & CCGs) is focussed on offering consistent and quality standards of training and education to front line operational managers and their staff employed by care and residential homes and domiciliary care agencies.

The BLMK Directory of Care Courses and Information (the Directory) aims to meet this vision by providing access to consistent and quality standards learning.

By signing this Charter there is agreement that:

  • BLMK Councils will meet requirements of the H&SC Act (2008, inserted 2014) Section 20 (regulation of regulated activities) subsection 4A (see source below).
  • BLMK Adult Social Care providers will meet requirements of the H&SC Act (2008 Regulated Activities) Regulation 18 (see source below).
  • BLMK Councils will continue to commission courses procured to standards required and be promoted within the Directory.
  • BLMK CCGs will continue to offer funding, when available, on changed or new care pathways and be promoted within the Directory.
  • Adult social care providers will utilise the Directory to source learning opportunities for their new and current staff to ensure consistent and quality standards of training.
  • Adult social care providers will work towards a culture that senior managers, line managers and supervisors support the learning and development of their staff, not just with the Care Certificate but those from the Directory as relevant to the provider’s care provision and these are taken and refreshed when required.
  • Agree to evidence that their senior staff have the skills and competence to assess their staff so that their staff’s learning and competency will be evidenced on their personal development/learning records.
  • Agree that their senior managers, line managers and supervisors monitor their staff development at work and if required additional training is offered to help them improve their care provision.
  • Encourage their staff to be accountable for their own personal development and that their education and training is completed, refreshed where needed and evidenced within their personal development/learning record.