Workforce Covid Vaccination: Training Toolkit & Face-to-face Training Considerations

Posted: 04 Jan 2021
Category: General

The below packs have been developed to support providers to prepare for the workforce and training mobilisation of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. It contains information on:

  • Workforce delivery models: Staffing models to support local recruitment and guidance on the employment credentials that will need to be in place for each of the staff groups.
  • National supply: The mechanisms to draw down from the nationally procured contracts with lead providers as this is how local trusts will access new supply routes. An update on the NHS Professionals (NHSP) processes will be published shortly.
  • Mobilisation: The frameworks for lead providers, an outline of the interface with local providers and regional workforce bureaus, to support workforce optimisation. There is also an outline of how rostering will work to support the deployment of the nationally recruited workforce.
  • Training: Details of the training journeys for both registered and non-registered staff, including training requirements and modes of delivery.