The Care Certificate Workbook has been updated

Posted: 10 Mar 2021
Category: ICB News

The latest versions of these free resources are now available on the Skills for Care and e-Learning for Healthcare

The revisions to the documents (which come from sector feedback) are  minor, with only the resources for two standards having significant changes.

  • Standards 11 & 12 have been amended to remove reference to the date on which the referenced guidance is published.
  • The Standards now only refer to the ‘current guidance’. This change is also reflected in the Assessor framework and the self-assessment tool.
  • The workbook for Standard 9 now provides a wider resource for mental health issues in line with requests from mental health teams.
  • The workbook for Standard 12 has been updated to reflect the latest resuscitation guidance.

The Progress Log, Mapping and Sign Off sections of each Workbook is now available as a separate free download.

To further support these changes there have been amendments to the frequently asked questions and the PowerPoint presentation which supports the workbook.

Click here to go to Skills for Care’s “resources and support”.  In addition to the new care certificate they have developed  a range of resources to help and inform you about the Care Certificate.

Click here to go to the e-Learning for the Healthcare Care Certificate Platform