HEE: National Work Experience Team: Calling for research participants in pre-employment

Posted: 10 Nov 2022
Category: ICB News

Have you got experience in planning, promoting, and managing health and care pre-employment opportunities?


If the answer to the above is yes and you would like to participate in research that aims to better understand these processes and see how they can be improved in the future, please complete the following expression of interest survey – https://forms.office.com/r/ysqTgeXr9X


Your input to this research is valuable and we will be releasing a follow up survey next week regarding ‘User Validation’, which will be integral to better understanding the evidence of user needs that have been identified during the 1:1 interviews. All of this research will then formulate into a final report with recommendations about the next steps and how we can get the best solution and outcomes for all users.


Please note, we will be sharing all our user engagement findings with you which you can use in the future to support your business activity.


Many thanks,


National Work Experience Team – Widening Access & Participation

Health Education England

E: workexperiencetfc@hee.nhs.uk

W: https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/talent-care-widening-participation