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Care homes: infection prevention and control

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Intended Audience Groups: 3, 4 and 5

GPs,  Community Infection Control Nurses, Health Protection Nurses, Care Home Managers and senior care home assistants.

Intended Audience Group
Infection Control
Aims and Objectives

An information resource to assist staff in taking all reasonable steps to protect residents and staff from acquiring infections and prevent cross infection; and to provide information and guidance on infection prevention and control that will assist managers in undertaking risk assessments and
in developing policies.

Cross reference with the Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on the prevention
and control of infections and related guidance.  It  supersedes “Infection Control Guidance for Care Homes (Department of Health, 2006)”.

There is also a summary version available.  Links to both pdf leaflets are below.

These documents are Crown copyright, so care home staff can copy pages for staff to use. You should make it clear where the information has come from.

Bedford Borough, BLMK, Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough, Milton Keynes,
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Department of Health
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