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Positive Behaviour Support

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Intended audience group: 2, 3, 4 & 5

All front line health and social care staff  (registered and unregistered), volunteers and personal assistants of care who are involved in the care provision of people living with dementia or other mental ill health who may may be at risk of displaying behaviour which challenges services.




Intended Audience Group
Dementia, Personalised Care: Challenging Behaviour, Personalised Care: Learning Difficulties & Autism,
Aims and Objectives

This course is mainly focused for those caring and supporting people with Learning Disabilities.

– Intro’s Aims and objectives Current issues? ‘My challenging behaviour’ exercise What is CB? definition What is PBS? Definition Stress vulnerabilities

– Triggers Functions of behaviour – q & a Motivation assessment tool Active support – group exercise for examples Conflict resolution styles Conflict cycle – staff attitudes exercise The 4 D’s

– De-escalation video and feedback ABC de-escalation exercise and feedback inc. methods of communication Behaviour Cycle and example of info gathering into plan

– Example of BoC plan / Traffic Light plan Recording and reporting Policies and procedures Review aims and objectives Quiz Evaluations

Learning Outcomes:

  • Give an overview to the back ground to positive behavioral support
  • List social and physical context in which the behaviours may occur
  • State the reason why it is important to work in a person centred way to increase the quality of the individual’s life
  • Explain the importance of values and individual’s human rights
  • Give an examples of a range of the different modules of behaviour strategies available
  • State the importance of organisational support for successful implementation of PBS
Central Bedfordshire
Frequency / Length
Mandatory for Dementia services / refresher as required / 25 minutes
Resource / Organisation
Central Bedfordshire Council
Training delivered by:

Learning Central (Central Bedfordshire Council). Registration is required to access this course and once registration is approved fully funded courses are available to:

Central Bedfordshire Council adult social care staff

Staff of all care and support providers in Central Bedfordshire

Also contracted care providers outside of Central Bedfordshire

Cost, Funded or Free
Free see terms above
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