Menopause: your journey

On this page you will find resources to help support you or someone you know through the menopause.

Upcoming event: CARE NAPC Menopause Workshop

Wednesday 7th February from 13:00 – 14:00pm

The webinar will be hosted by Laura Acosta, NAPC Faculty Member.

  • Laura is a facilitator for NAPC and brings with her over 30 years’ experience of working in Business Consultancy, HR, and more recently in secondary schools as an Assistant Headteacher focused on resilience and wellbeing for staff and students. Laura is a Menopause Experts Champion, a Transformational Life Coach, a Wellbeing Consultant, and a certified Mindfulness Teacher. She loves to help people learn how to be more self-aware,
    reduce any suffering they are experiencing, and to find what truly helps them to flourish in life.

To receive the invitation, email:

Peppy Menopause App

Going through the menopause can make you feel isolated and confused. Is it happening? Is it something else? Are the symptoms you’re experiencing even related to menopausal changes?

That’s why Peppy created their menopause service – to give you personalised, anonymous, expert support at every stage of your menopause journey. This service is available to all BLMK staff.

The Peppy Nurse Menopause Service comes with a wide range of information like a one to one personalised chat with expert menopause practitioners, to unlimited access to virtual seminars and broadcasts on a variety of topics from HRT to coping with anxiety. There is also a tailored eight week menopause programme with video tutorials and practical advice from Peppy experts.