Evidence Searching

All primary care staff in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes have access to a dedicated evidence search service. An evidence search involves searching the literature on your behalf according to your specifications, and sending you the relevant results in your preferred format.

If you need evidence to support your decision-making, either clinical or non-clinical, generate ideas for a quality improvement project, write an article, or for your own research and CPD, let us take the heavy lifting out of finding what you need.  Anything from a quick fact-check to a comprehensive search, and including any type of relevant information from clinical research, patient information, treatment pathways, to local policy and procedure documents. 

If you would like a summary of the evidence included with your search results, please contact your Knowledge Specialist to discuss this.

Complete the BLMK Primary Care Evidence Search Request form to request a search. Alternatively, contact your Primary Care Knowledge Specialist Beth Thompson to discuss your needs at beth.thompson16@nhs.net

See below for examples of previous search topics and samples of evidence searches and summaries

Clinical Evidence Search Topic Examples

  • Lifestyle medicine for chronic pain
  • General practice care for patients nearing end of life
  • Biologic drugs for ulcerative colitis
  • Obesity and Weight Management Clinics and Services

Non-Clinical Evidence Search Topics Examples

  • Skill Mix for Same-Day/Minor Illness Services in Primary Care
  • Attraction and retention of staff in health and care
  • Methods to prevent violence and aggression in healthcare settings

Evidence Search and Summary Documents

Evidence Summary: Enablers and Barriers for Multidisciplinary Teams in Primary Care and the Community

Lifestyle Medicine for Chronic Pain (Exercise)

Obesity and Weight Management Clinics and Services

Skill Mix for Same-Day/Minor Illness Services in Primary Care