National AHP Virtual Hub: AHP Spotlight Conversations


On the NHS Futures Collaboration platform there is a National AHP Virtual Hub which is open to members and you need to ask to join so you can see content.  The Hub will give you access to a rich source of resources and events you may find of interest.

AHP Spotlight Conversations

The Office of the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO, England) has introduced a series of monthly short briefings for the 2023 and the 2024 spring sessions.  It aim is to informing and updating the AHP community on issues linked to our current strategy AHPs deliver and current relevant events in health and care.  These are in the form of a 30 minutes webinar of the CAHPO “in conversation” with relevant participants.

The fourth session, and the first of the Spring 2024 series will focus on the role of the Allied Health Professionals community in clinical safety.

Wednesday 7 February at 13:15 to 13:45 and will reflect on AHP clinical safety insights, involvement and improvement.   

Professor Suzanne Rastrick OBE, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer (CAHPO, England) will introduce a conversation between Ben Roe, Clinical Quality Director, NHS England (Southwest) and Nathalie Zacharias, Director of Therapies, South London, and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

The link below will take you to TEAMs meeting on 7 February.


The discussion has attached files and you will need to visit the website/hub to view them.  Click here to the National AHP Virtual Hub