BLMK PCN Portfolio Opportunity

Posted: 20 Jul 2021
Category: General

The BLMK ICS Training Hub is committed to supporting the retention of our local workforce. We recognise that being able to access funding to pursue further educational and experiential opportunities supports and aids retention and development of established professionals.

What is the PCN Portfolio Opportunity?

This opportunity enables established professionals within the BLMK Primary Care workforce to undertake an educational qualification and/or training or undertake a portfolio career project with the bursary being used to contribute to costs for releasing the individual to undertake the project.

The chosen portfolio opportunity must meet the needs of your Primary Care Network and your local population health needs.

Please note that the total bursary amount per PCN is £3,000. In circumstances where there is more than 1 application per PCN and it jointly exceeds £3,000 the PCN will make the decision on who will be funded. In the event that this happens, PCNs will be asked to have conversations with applicants who have met the requirements of the opportunity (reviewed by the decision panel) and will be asked to make a decision based on the needs of the PCN. All applications will be reviewed for suitability by a decision making panel led by the BLMK Primary Care Training Hub.


  • The PCN Portfolio Opportunity is available to Primary Care professionals who have worked in BLMK for the last 12 months and must stay to contribute in the area.
  • The individual must be established in their career and want to try and/or learn new skills and specialisms.
  • The individual must ensure that their Clinical Director/PCN Manager and Practice Manager/Senior Manager support and sign off on the application.
  • The individual must complete their portfolio opportunity as agreed, inform the Training Hub of any issues and participate in evaluation and shared learning activities.


  • Enables established professionals to consider training/experience to developing their careers
  • Enables established professionals to increase their skills and knowledge in a population health need
  • Enables shared learning and knowledge to be developed across the PCN and wider system
  • Enables the development of models of best practice

How to get involved

The deadline for this opportunity is Monday 1st November.

Please complete the application form and submit it by emailing it to

For questions about this opportunity please email

The application can be found HERE.

For examples on opportunities, please click HERE.