BLMK Workforce Strategy

Road Map of Transformation

The Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK) Workforce Strategy is the overarching road map to transform our health and social care workforce to support population health and well being needs into the future.

A workforce strategy event was held in November last year with representation across the health and social care system to develop the strategy.

The strategy is in development and will be published when it is available. Ahead of this please find the Workforce Strategy Plan on a page on the right.

As part of the national five year forward view requirements we will be developing specific workforce plans for general practice, mental health, maternity, cancer and urgent & emergency care.

BLMK General Practice Workforce Plan and Development Programme

The General Practice Workforce Plan is the first of this series, it reflects both the significant progress made to date to achieve our goal to stabilise, sustain and transform the General Practice workforce within the BLMK across our 108 practices.

It also covers a range of new roles and ways of working, recruitment and retention and education, training and development initiatives that address workforce challenges. Please download and review the programme, displayed right.