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Stand By Me: Dementia

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Intended audience groups: 2, 3, 4, 5

For all front line staff within health and social care


Intended Audience Group
Aims and Objectives

Through video dramatisation, learners can follow dementia case studies across the patient journey diagnosis of dementia, from diagnosis to hospital care. Each video provides the opportunity for reflection on the learners own practice, the challenges faced in their roles and the challenges within their organisation.

Each of the video is embedded in a set of reflective questions based on the VIPS Framework, giving the learners the opportunity to reflect on their own practice, the challenges they face in their roles and the practice within their organisations.

Additional videos provide detailed factual information on person-centred care, the nature and different types of dementia and the different ways the symptoms of dementia can be managed.

Full course content

(Sessions 1, 2, 9 and 10 are compulsory; Sessions 3-8 are role specific and learners should complete the session that most closely represents their field of health or social care)

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Stand by Me
  • Session 2 – Good communication and person-centred care
  • Session 3 – Primary care
  • Session 4 – Home care
  • Session 5 – Moving to residential care
  • Session 6 – Emergency services
  • Session 7 – Primary care
  • Session 8 – End of life
  • Session 9 – Factual information on dementia
  • Session 10 – Assessment
What will learners get out of it?

An understanding of how to support people with dementia by developing good communication and person-centred care in their own practice, within teams and within organisations.

Sessions 1, 2, 9 and 10 are compulsory.

Sessions 3-8 are role specific and learners should complete the session that most closely represents their field of health or social care.


The course is followed by a multiple choice assessment with a pass mark of 80%. Progress can be tracked by managers and learners can keep a certificate of completion for CPD. Please note, this award nominated online training was written before the launch of the new Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework.

Accreditations & Endorsements

This course was developed with the Association for Dementia Studies at Worcester University, Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Heart of Worcester College at Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust and Skills for Care.


1 hour 35 mins approx

Bedford Borough, BLMK, Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough, Milton Keynes,
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1 hour 35 mins approx
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Skills for Health
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