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Personalised Care: Peer Leadership Foundation – Step One

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Intended audience groups: 1 and 2


This course is open to everyone but is mainly aimed at people with long-term conditions and disabilities and their carers who want to improve their situation by gaining knowledge of personalised care.

Intended Audience Group
Communication, Personalised Care; Social Prescribing, Personalised Care: Co-production, Personalised Care: Health Literacy, Personalised Care: Personal Health, Personalised Care: Shared Decision Making,
Aims and Objectives

As the NHS moves towards a more personalised health and care system, it’s important for people to have a clear idea of what this new, more targeted approach to health and care means for them.

On this course you’ll learn what personalised care is, and how it can benefit the whole population in England. You’ll also hear how it works in practice.

What topics will you cover?
  • Changing demands on the NHS
  • People’s stories of personalised care
  • Shared decision making and how it works in practice
  • Social prescribing and community based support
  • Patient choice and your ‘legal right to choose’
  • Supported self management
  • Personalised care and support planning
  • Personal health budgets and the difference they can make
By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Discuss the changing demands on the NHS
  • Describe the six ways people can experience personalised care
  • Describe the benefits of personalised care for the whole population
  • Discuss personalised care with health professionals with more confidence
Bedford Borough, BLMK, Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough, Milton Keynes,
Frequency / Length
6 weeks
Resource / Organisation
NHS England and NHS Improvement
Training delivered by:
Cost, Funded or Free
Free (if taken within 6 weeks of start)
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