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Personalised Care: Peer Leadership Foundation – Step Two

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Intended audience groups: 1 and 2

It is open to everyone but is mainly aimed at people who want to use their knowledge of personalised care to help others.

Learners should have completed Personalised Care: Peer Leadership Foundation – Step One.

Intended Audience Group
Communication, Personalised Care; Social Prescribing, Personalised Care: Co-production, Personalised Care: Health Literacy, Personalised Care: Personal Health, Personalised Care: Shared Decision Making,
Aims and Objectives

This course builds on the Step 1 course to further explore the introduction of personalised care in the NHS.

You will learn about the changing culture in the NHS and the shift from ‘what’s the matter with you’ to ‘what matters to you?’

You will see further real-life examples of personalised care in practice and learn about the role of policy, guidance, legislation and good practice in delivering personalised care.

You will also explore the difference between providing peer support and becoming a Peer Leader.

What topics will you cover?

  • Where personalised care came from and where it is heading
  • Culture and the NHS
  • The vision for personalised care and what ‘good’ personalised looks like
  • Helping others to benefit from personalised care
  • The difference between peer support and peer leadership

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Describe where personalised care came from
  • Describe the culture in the NHS
  • Describe the benefits of personalised care for the whole population
  • Explain the difference between peer support and peer leadership
Bedford Borough, BLMK, Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough, Milton Keynes,
Frequency / Length
6 weeks
Resource / Organisation
Personalised Care Group at NHS England and NHS Improvement.
Training delivered by:
Cost, Funded or Free
Free (if taken within 6 weeks of start)
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