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Public Health Intelligence programme

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Intended audient groups: 2

For analysts and other health and care professionals working in population health to build their knowledge and skills within this area. Population health management is central to the development of Integrated Care Systems and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, and is a new focus of analytical work for analysts working across these partnerships.

Intended Audience Group
Personalised Care: Personal Health
Aims and Objectives

An introduction to measuring and understanding the health and wellbeing needs of populations through understanding and interpreting statistics, tools and resources to aid decision making.

Through this programme, learners will be introduced to some of the basic principles of health data, information and intelligence. You will be introduced to concepts of health, definitions of public health, population measures, uncertainty and statistical significance and using this to make informed decisions and apply intelligence to gain understanding of population need.  The e-learning supports the increased use of Public Health England’s (PHE) data and intelligence tools, and its wider training programmes.

The completion of this e-learning programme is compulsory for all staff wishing to undertake either the foundation level or intermediate level courses.

There are two modules:

  • Introduction to public health intelligence; you will be introduced to concepts of health, public health, the organisations and individuals responsible for delivering public health locally and nationally, and a brief history of public health key figures, policies and resources.
  • Understanding and measuring populations: we will introduce data, information and intelligence and show how PHE uses this to inform decision making.  We will cover the structure of populations, simple measures and statistics, uncertainty and how we use statistics to provide a clearer picture of health and wellbeing.


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Public Health England
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