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Shared Decision Making Programme (Pharmacists)

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Intended Audience: 2

All qualified Pharmacists

Intended Audience Group
Shared Decision Making
Aims and Objectives

NHS England and NHS Improvement has commissioned CPPE to develop a programme of learning centred on embedding shared decision making into patient consultations.

Shared decision making and personalised care are core elements of the NHS Long Term Plan. Pharmacy professionals are seen as being a key provider of personalised care within primary care. Shared decision making is linked to improved outcomes for patients and puts patients at the centre of their own care, making them experts in their own healthcare decisions.

Pharmacists currently on the Primary care pharmacy education pathway (PCPEP) will complete this programme as part of module 5. If you are a PCPEP learner you will find further details of how to enroll within module 5 on Canvas.

Pharmacy technicians on the Primary Care Education pathway (PCPEP) are now being offered the Shared decision making programme as an optional extra.

The Shared decision making programme is now open to all NHS pharmacy professionals in a patient-facing role in England. When we say patient facing we mean that you are in a role where you speak with patients face-to-face or via phone or video.

Units one to four of the e-course start by looking at what shared decision making is and how it can be applied in practice. You will also be introduced to tools, models and concepts to help you develop your shared decision-making skills.

The first online workshop will be an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned by working with your peers and medical actors in a safe environment.

Unit five moves on to looking at applying shared decision making in complex situations.

Unit six supports you to gather details relating to one of your real-life consultations, in the form of a case study, which you will discuss with a peer at online workshop 2.

The second online workshop, the last element in this programme, gives you a final opportunity to put your skills to the test and will give you an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned throughout the programme.

On completion of this programme participants should be able to:

  • define what is meant by shared decision making
  • describe how shared decision making can improve a consultation from the perspective of a pharmacy professional and the person that they are consulting with
  • demonstrate the use of the tools and techniques outlined in this course to support shared decision making
  • compare these different tools and techniques in order to select those that you will use in practice
  • evaluate your ability to use shared decision making in practice.


Frequency / Length
6 - 9 weeks
Resource / Organisation
NHS England and NHS Improvement
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