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Think Local Act Personal: Making it Real

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Making it Real is relevant

  • to people with care, treatment and support needs, including people of all ages with long-term conditions. It also applies to families, carers and young people moving into adulthood (in service terms often referred to as transitions, to cover the process of moving from children’s to adult social care).
    It doesn’t cover school education.
  • to help organisations that genuinely want to get better at personalisation to look at their current practice
    against the statements, identify areas for change, and develop plans for action.  It can help organisations achieve a more positive and productive relationship with people who use services.
Intended Audience Group
Communication, Personalised Care; Social Prescribing, Personalised Care: Co-production, Personalised Care: Health Literacy, Personalised Care: Patient Activation Measure, Personalised Care: Personal Health, Personalised Care: Shared Decision Making,
Aims and Objectives

Making it Real is a framework and a set of statements that describe what good, citizen-focused, personalised care and support look like from the point of view of people themselves.

Making it Real is built around six themes to reflect the most important elements of personalised care and support. Each theme has a number of I statements that describe what good looks like from an individual perspective. These are followed by “We” statements that express what organisations
should be doing to make sure people’s actual experience of care and support lives up to the “I” statements.


Bedford Borough, BLMK, Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough, Milton Keynes,
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Not applicable
Resource / Organisation
Think Local Act Personal and the Coalition for Collaborative Care
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