ShinyMind App

Your Daily Wellbeing and Resilience app to help you Shine


The ShinyMind app is available to all BLMK Primary Care Workforce for free.

Simply download the app from your app store then visit our ShinyMind site and sign up:

Email if you have any queries.




Below are two videos that explain more about the app:

In this 16-minute video, which has been produced by the ShinyMind team, Rebecca Howard (designer of the ShinyMind App), discusses the app as well as the benefits of using it.

In this 5-minute video we hear from colleagues and staff members who have used the app:

About the ShinyMind App:

The ShinyMind app has been designed by the NHS for the NHS to proactively provide daily wellbeing and resilience support with the functionality to create a positive, compassionate community.

It includes practical, evidence-based resources, including 11 Masterclasses on a range of topics including self-reflection, stress management, self-compassion, mindset and meditation.

Each of the 11 Masterclasses provides a host of interactive text and audio exercises backed by research and evidence which can be accessed time and again.

A ‘save and store’ function means that all interactive exercises can be saved in a user’s journal to promote further reflection and awareness.

Exercises are grounded in psychotherapeutic models of change including:

  • Positive psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Jungian Psychology
  • Transactional Analysis
  • NLPt
  • Psychology of Buddhism

Staff who used the app were asked: Has the Resilience; Your Mindset; Your Choice programme on the App impacted on your motivation, productivity and positivity, and if so, in what ways?

The answers were…

Happier, calmer, feel good within myself

It has kept me motivated through challenging times

I’m much more motivated and positive! I trained and completed a 10k run because I knew I could and knew I would enjoy it

Yes, I deal with my job a lot better due to thinking positively

Felt more productive in my day-to-day work, and has had a positive impact on my team

Benefits Summary:

  • Over 100 interactive psychotherapeutic exercises and activities to support wellbeing and resilience
  • All exercises and activities backed by research and evidence
  • On demand 24/7 support, 365 days of the year, available to all staff
  • Whole staff access to the Resilience: Your Mindset Your Choice Programme
  • Proactive rather than reactive resource
  • Whole-person focused
  • Your own space – language and style across the app is personal, safe and yours
  • Builds a personal resource – exercises and content are interactive not passive, so you can learn more about yourself as you explore, allowing you to find favourite exercises and areas that work for you, so the App becomes truly yours
  • Emotional diagnostic feature directs you to activities specifically suited to how you are feeling
  • Promotes culture of positivity, purpose and belonging
  • Available to all without self-disclosure
  • Confidential, safe, personal space
  • Creates your own staff wellbeing community
    • Message function across the community
    • Positivity Posts
    • Shout Outs – Audio messages
    • Gratitude messages
    • Friends function
    • Whole staff address book and search facility
    • Social share function
  • Inbuilt wellbeing campaignMonthly wellbeing news to all staff
  • Twice Weekly positivity nudges
  • Daily Shine evidenced based positivity exercise driven by a diagnostic based on your mood tailoring everyday support specifically to staff needs
  • Daily Inspire me notifications to lift mood and boost connection
  • Speedy access without sign-in

If you would like more information, please email the BLMK Training Hub team at: