BLMK Health & Wellbeing Champion

Health and wellbeing impact every member of NHS staff and it is therefore vital that all our NHS people have access to talk to someone when they need to. Most of the time NHS staff are unaware of what they can access to support their wellbeing.

We want to help create a happy and healthy work environment and we need your help to do this. Promoting the wellbeing of our staff has never been more important. Our staff have been tirelessly working over the last three years; whether on the frontline or at home. It has also prevented many from returning to the workplace and they often feel isolated from their colleagues and professional support networks.

The role of a Wellbeing Champion will include

  • Working with BLMK ICS Workforce Hub Wellbeing Leads to identify initiatives for the PCN and member practice colleagues.
  • Acting as a role model for promoting positive health and wellbeing practice for each PCN and the practices within them.
  • Listening to the needs of colleagues and reporting back to Workforce Hub Wellbeing Leads.
  • Signposting staff to wellbeing support.
  • Encouraging compassionate cultures across our PCNs.
  • Introducing compassionate conversation opportunities for all PCN colleagues.
  • Encouraging colleagues to be more self- caring and reflective about their own wellbeing, including physical, emotional health and healthy lifestyle choices that aim to avoid ill health.
  • Work with BLMK Workforce Hub and ShinyMind to introduce to BLMK.

Please note: Wellbeing Champions will not be expected to provide individual advice to colleagues. The role is to listen to workforce needs and signpost to appropriate support.


Check out our guide to learn more: BLMK Wellbeing Champion Guide

If you are interested in becoming a Champion or supporting a colleague, please apply here.