GP First5 Network

If you are in the first five years of service as a GP in the BLMK area you are eligible to join our network and get many great benefits. The network is developed with a view to providing First5 GPs with support to develop a portfolio career, to get quality coaching and mentoring, to provide insightful educational programmes and to develop a network of peer support.

Below are a number of different initiatives to get you started on your development:



Akeso is a free confidential coaching network based in East of England that is led and run by GPs. We are developing our own BLMK coaches who will support our BLMK GP.

Confidential sessions will be facilitated by a trained colleague within the AKESO network. These sessions will support you to explore issues and set goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to the goals in a non-judgemental way.

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LMC Mentorship

Train mentors to support GPs

Fellows will have access to 6 mentoring sessions as part of the New to Practice Programme but there will be other opportunities to access mentoring.

BHLMC designed a mentoring programme to support First 5 GPs with the transition from training into general practice.

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Stepping into my Shoes

The initiative has been developed to support local leaders to work together, learn and share knowledge from across the system to create public services that are more integrated based on the needs of the local population.

It is an informal staff development opportunity that involves creating an ‘interchange’ of learning experiences and is a simple concept of matching learners and sharers together with the intention of a mutual learning opportunity. The Learner shares what they are looking for in terms of experience in another organisation while the Sharer reveals their skills and knowledge and in what capacity.

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Please get email with any questions, queries or suggestions you may ave and we will do our best to be as responsive and helpful as possible.