Learning Environments

Quality Management & Assurance Processes for Primary Care Educators and Learning Organisations

From 1st November 2021, BLMK ICS Primary Care Training Hub has taken responsibility from Health Education East of England for the management of Educators and Learning Organisations in Bedfordshire and Luton. Please note that we are in discussions with the HEE Thames Valley region and the intention is that responsibility for Milton Keynes will follow.

BLMK Training Hub is now responsible for the following activities:

  • Educator and Learning Environment reapproval
  • Educator and Learning Environment first approval
  • PCN Learning Environment approval
  • Ongoing quality management of Educators and Learning Environments

If you are already and Educator or Learning Organisation in Bedfordshire or Luton you should also have received an email from HEE outlining the change to responsibility and process.

The new Training Hub delivered model includes Medical and Clinical Professions.

New processes

First approvals

For a first approval of a GP Educator please use this form and send to the Training Hub once completed.

New Educator Application Form v1

For a first approval of a Learning Organisation (single training practice and PCN) please use this form and send to the Training Hub once completed. Whilst we are still welcoming single Training Practice applications, we are encouraging PCNs (or a collection of practices within a PCN) to apply together to host multi-professional learners across the PCN.

New Learning Organisation Approval Form v1

For a first approval of a Clinical Educator, please contact the Training Hub for the relevant process for the particular profession.


If you submitted a reapproval application form (Educator or Training Practice) to HEE during the pause for Covid, your application will be reviewed shortly and the outcome confirmed to you as soon as possible.

If you have not already submitted an ‘old style’ reapproval application form and you are due for reapproval, a new declaration form will be available shortly and sent to you.

Reapprovals are now conducted on a declaration basis rather than full application form.

The Training Hub will contact you approximately 3 months in advance of your current approval expiry date to send you the relevant form and start the process of your declaration.

Educator Declaration Form

Declaration Form – Educator

Learning Organisation Declaration Form

Declaration Form – Learning Organisation

Extending current learner professions

If you are already approved as a learning organisation but want to extend your approval to cover additional learner groups such as Nurses, Paramedics or Physios, please complete this form.

New Learning Organisation Approval Form v1

Meet the Training Hub Quality Team

Dr Sadaf Javed – Dr Javed is our Quality & Differential Attainment Lead – Medical Practice and is also our Educator Expansion Lead. Dr Javed is also a GP Partner and GP Trainer.

Kirsty Shanley – Kirsty is our Quality & Differential Attainment Lead – Clinical Practice. Kirsty is also a Practice Nurse and Education Lead in Bedford and one of the GPN Leads in the Training Hub for Bedfordshire.

Hannah Baker – Hannah is our Project Lead.

Justine Platt – Justine is our Quality Administrator.

We have a new generic inbox for all queries and applications to be sent to. Please send any communication to this address blmkicb.blmk.traininghubqualityteam@nhs.net

The HEE website will be imminently updated to reflect the new changes and forms. The website also gives information on the pathways to becoming an Educator https://heeoe.hee.nhs.uk/general_practice/ .