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Social Work Sorted

Social Work Sorted Training and Consultancy specialises in training for students and new social workers, and consultancy for organisations. Through Social Work Sorted, Vicki Shevlin leads a multi-media platform offering unique learning and development opportunities rooted in realistic and practical skills for new social workers.

To see the training and resources that Social Work Sorted offer please go to the website at

Vicki also produces and hosts Social Work Sorted: The Podcast, which is a unique mix of skills based audio learning and insightful guest interviews all centred on the challenges new social workers face in practice.  These podcast episodes can be accessed via her website above or on Apple/Spotify.

We are lucky enough to have had Vicki work with us on a series of specialist podcast episodes for the Teaching Partnership which focus on the journey to becoming a Senior/Advanced Practitioner in Social Work and feature interviews with some of our existing Senior Practitioners.  This series is called ASPIRE and can be listened to HERE

Alternatively use the links below for the individual podcast episodes:

How your ASYE prepares you to Aspire for more –  An introductory episode to talk you through a project I’ve been working on.  ASPIRE is a Social Work Sorted series produced on behalf of Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Teaching Partnership.  The first instalment of the ASPIRE series is a focus on the Aspiring Senior Practitioner Programme and in this episode I talk about how this project is relevant to YOU, new social workers, and why it’s ok to start thinking about your future career development, skills and progress.

ASPIRE: BLMK Teaching Partnership & The Aspiring Senior Practitioner Programme Episode 1 – In this episode, I talk to workforce development manager Ray Halford, and Siobhan Maclean, about the Aspiring Senior Practitioner Programme.  We talk about progression, reflection and success in social work and what it really means to ASPIRE.

ASPIRE: BLMK Aspiring Senior Practitioner Programme ‘Tim’In this episode I talk to Tim, a senior practitioner working in adults services within a hospital team.  Tim shares his experience as a senior practitioner, adapting to the shift in role and responsibilities as well as managing supervision.

ASPIRE: BLMK Aspiring Senior Practitioner Programme ‘Jenny’ – In this episode I talk to Jenny, a senior practitioner working in adults services.  We talk about her experience as a senior practitioner, the difference in ‘knowing’ and ‘showing’ (Millers Pyramid) and advice for social workers considering moving into a senior practitioner role.

ASPIRE: BLMK Aspiring Senior Practitioner Programme ‘Elizabeth’ – In this episode I talk to Elizabeth, a senior practitioner in children’s services.  Elizabeth talks about her social work journey, her role within her team and the ways she brings creativity to her position as a senior practitioner.




Kirwin Maclean Associates

Siobhan Maclean has been a qualified social worker for more than half of her life.  She has worked in a variety of social work settings and now works as a practice educator as well as having written a number of books for students and experienced social workers.  She also delivers a great deal of training in social work theory and critical reflection which is where her passions lie.

We have been fortunate to have Siobhan develop and deliver our Aspiring Senior Practitioner training programme as well as create a selection of resources around social work supervision.

Please find Siobhan’s useful resource on Reflective Supervision Toolkit, please click on picture below for the pdf.


Siobhan also has her own YouTube channel where she has a number of insightful and informative videos to support social workers at every stage of their career journey.