THRIVE: Ethnic Minority Leadership Programme

THRIVE – EM Leadership Programme Flyer

For Senior Midwifery Leaders Band 8c and above
NHS England is providing a bespoke training programme to close the gaps in
experiences and opportunities for Black, Asian, and ethnic minority maternity
staff across the NHS. This is an opportunity to make a real difference and
achieve equality in career progression, experience and job satisfaction for
ethnic minority senior leaders within maternity services.

By joining this training programme, you will have access to a comprehensive
curriculum designed to address the specific needs of senior ethnic minority
midwifery leaders. Our programme aims to increase the number of ethnic
minority midwifery leaders in senior positions and supporting continuous
promotion by empowering them to grow and thrive.

Improve access to professional training and reduce discriminatory practices in
job recruitment procedures. Increasing confidence and support for ethnic
minority midwifery leaders in navigating the maternity and current health and
care landscape

By participating in this learning programme, you can expect a range of benefits.
You will gain a greater understanding of your personal leadership style and
experience improved treatment by peers and managers in senior positions.
Your satisfaction in your working experience and understanding on how to
operate across the maternity landscape and beyond will improve.

speaking authoritatively. This programme will positively impact your personal
and professional development and increase your awareness of the impact of
yourself and others. You will develop greater communications skills at board
and senior meetings, political and emotional intelligence, and gain the
confidence to influence practice.

Course details:

Programme Information

Module 1 Wed 20 March 9.30am-5pm London / Leeds

Action Learning Set 1 Mon 8 April (AM or PM) Virtual

Module 2 Mon 29 April 9.30am-5pm London / Leeds

Action Learning Set 2 Tues 21 May (AM or PM) Virtual

Module 3 4 June 9.30am-5pm London / Leeds

Action Learning Set 3 Thurs 27 June (AM or PM) Virtual

Module 4 Tues 16 July 9.30am-5pm London / Leeds

If you would like to express an interest and can commit to the module and
action learning set dates, then please select the following link to register:

Closing date: 1st February 2024

For further queries please contact: