Mid to Late Career GP

Support for GPs in their Mid to Late Career

The BLMK Training Hub provides a variety of training, support and development opportunities for GPs who are in their mid to later careers (GPs with more than 5 years of working in general practice). This page highlights some of these offers along with details for how to access them. We also have a mid to late career GP lead – Dr Yuvaraj Venugopal who is more than happy to have individual conversations with you and help you access any of these offers. To contact Raj, email: v.yuvaraj@nhs.net

Mentoring and Coaching


We offer mentoring and coaching to GPs working in primary care in the BLMK area. Mentoring and coaching is a confidential conversation with an experienced GP from the BLMK area who can provide advice and support on a number of topics and professional challenges or even just a safe space to explore issues, concerns or worries that may be arising in your day to day role.

The mentoring and coaching that we offer is fully funded and you can access up to six hours of sessions. We take a flexible approach to the mentoring with sessions being offered throughout the week, virtual or face to face and is a very small time commitment.

Why access mentoring and coaching?
Many professionals access mentoring or coaching at a variety of stages of their careers, from the early stages where it can be useful to explore how you’re settling into your new role and help you to gain confidence to later career where you can explore what direction you would like to take your career in. It can also be useful for GPs who are considering returning to work and would like some support through the transition or GPs considering taking up a partnership role and looking for advice and support through this process.

Who can access the mentoring and coaching?
This offer is open to ANY GP or GP trainee working at a practice within Bedfordshire, Luton or Milton Keynes. This includes:

  • Salaried GPs
  • GP locums
  • GP partners
  • GPs who have left general practice or are on a career break but are considering returning to work
  • GP trainees
  • GPs working in the urgent care services such as HUC or MKUCS
  • GP educators

If you’re not sure whether mentoring and coaching is for you or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Mid to Late Career GP Strategic Lead, Dr Yuvaraj Venugopal at: v.yuvaraj@nhs.net or the mentoring project manager, Helen Worthington-Smith at: h.worthington-smith@nhs.net

To express an interest in receiving mentoring and coaching, please complete the following expression of interest form: https://forms.office.com/e/ECfNafaSA3

Interested in becoming one of our GP Mentors? We are currently closed to new applicants but if you are interested in becoming a GP mentor in the future, please contact h.worthington-smith@nhs.net in order to log your interest.

If you would prefer to have an external coach/mentor from outside the BLMK area, please contact h.worthington-smith@nhs.net

GP Retention Scheme

The GP Retention Scheme is a package of educational and financial support to help doctors, who might otherwise leave the profession, to remain in clinical general practice. It is managed by NHS England.

For more information including details around how to apply, click here.

You can also receive mentoring and coaching to support you to while on this scheme through our mentoring and coaching offer detailed above. To apply, click here.

Becoming a GP Trainer

GP Symposiums

For GPs in Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton

Milton Keynes GP Network

Network for GPs living and working in Milton Keynes. The Network meets regularly for learning sessions and social events. In order to join please contact: v.yuvaraj@nhs.net

GP Careers Fair

Support with GP Recruitment

Lantum – Flexible Staff Bank

Additional Learning Opportunities

Leading Beyond Boundaries

Stepping Into My Shoes

Reflective practice groups for leaders

Health & Wellbeing Support

Click here to visit our Health & Wellbeing page to find our more about the offers of support available to all staff.