Health and Wellbeing Coaches

A Health and Wellbeing Coach can work offer patients individual and group sessions that include healthy eating, physical activity and health and well-being to meet with personalised care plans. The aim of the coaching is to equip patients with self-management skills and to support patients to develop healthy behaviours and coping strategies for managing their emotional and physical health.

They can take a proactive approach to health management and work with patients that might have or are at risk of developing a long-term health conditions such as COPD, diabetes, asthma. They can work with individuals to identify their motivations for change, what their personal goals are and what resources and support they need to achieve these.

They can play a crucial role in helping the wider PCN to understand the barriers for individuals/groups in accessing support in the community, and use this insight in developing community-based support, working as part of the wider social prescribing model. They can work alongside the Care Co-ordinator and Social Prescribing Link Worker role to deliver the Personalised Care offer for the PCN.

NHSEI Health and Wellbeing Coach Recruitment Pack