Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians compliment the role of Clinical Pharmacists and other members of the MDT within PCN. It is expected that PCNs will only recruit one additional technician or two where the population is over 100k.

Pharmacy Technicians will take on clinical roles including patient support roles including conversations on effective medicine use and review, prioritising shared decision making in consultation with patients. PCNs could utilize Technicians to support the medication review and reconciliation for patients transferring  between care settings, link to new patients to care homes and to community pharmacists.

Pharmacy Technicians will also take on technical and administrative roles including ensuring effective medicine optimisation,  effective ordering and reduction of waste. Technicians will also take on a training role for example offer supervision for administrative staff around the referral  processes within the Practice.

Recruitment Support for Pharmacy Technicians:

Band 5 Job Description